The lazy resort! – HOTEL REVIEW

“Coorg, yes, yet again! and for a change, we prefer to settle at a place than going on a sight seeing spree! and how lazy the holiday turns out to be! “

Born of the shower! Colored by the Sun!

Wake up to an early day break, with few golden rays peeping through the haze. Tread over the hay roofed tree house to spot some feathered friends on a concert! Get soaked in the morning light while the brume that romanced the hay the previous night reluctantly melts on to cheeks.

Get stuck on seeing the tiled home nestled deep within a coffee plantation! Brilliantly vivid in colors! Surrounded by umpteen flowering plants with vibrant blooms! Sometimes eerie, most of the times seductive and tranquilizing surrounding! A clement weather that would make anyone sedate, unaware of what time of the day it was! Serene Atmosphere with a gentle breeze and melodious birds that aren’t seen often!

Remove the footwear, feel the earth, walk on the neat, nippy floors around the simple yet flamboyant verandas. Admire the work on numerous artifacts and paintings that adorn the walls while imbibing and tippling the hot cup of coffee.

Only an art can be confined within a frame, not an artist's imagination!

Wink at the plethora of adorable flowers in the sweet-smelling garden and see them blush in hues of red, yellow, pink, violet and many more colors!

Try a game or two at the basketball court or show the skills with table tennis racquets! If all this needs to be savored from one point then sit under one of those huts and bring out the lazy self!

Forgot about stomach and the hunger creeps in? Pacify the appetite with the home-made carte and also soothe the taste buds! If the heavy tummy needs some extra bit of oxygen to digest that sumptuous meal then walk over to the greens! A short, densely covered tree with branches stretched out in all directions and a hammock under this cool setting! Loosen-up on the hammock with a chapter from one of the novels and just simmer down breathing in the fresh, green air easily as if in a yoga class! Recline, lay back and zzzzzzzzz!!!

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.

Some cute little noises and coo-ing stirring the nap? Wake up to see those red nosed playful puppies staring with twinkling eager eyes, sticking out their pink tongues! There cannot be a better wake up call.

Only the curious have something to find.

Get peppy at the mischievous canine antics, get light hearted with man’s best friend, get younger! Get going from the hammock after snoozy stretching and sleepy yawns, bum around the swings for a while! Loiter the green lawns to spot the clear, bluish green swimming pool! After much of thoughts on how freezing the water is, let the aqua-love wanting! Splash into the blues, deluge in the purifying water, dunk like an aquatic, soak up like a sponge. Sprinkle and sink!

All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a shedding tree into a colorful bouquet!

 As the deep orange sun sinks in the west and chilly winds make their way, give feet a rest, plop down around the blazing sparks and charring woods of the bonfire. Feel the warmth and radiance from the kindle. Push back and gaze at the shiny stars and let the eyes roam around to infinity! After appeasing the hunger once again with some enticing and well-seasoned palate, let the trance take over!

Slide into the somnolence under the warmth of bed linen and nibble into the puffy quilt. As the chimera takes up in clouds, envisage this laudable dream that began with sunshine under the hay roofed tree house! Unwind & slowdown in your sack, cuz lazy is the new active in a land like this!

3 thoughts on “The lazy resort! – HOTEL REVIEW

  1. Jane says:

    this is SUCH a beautiful , and relaxing post! Could just feel the “lazy”. Can you give further details of this place? Website? I’d like to add it to my “to do” places…
    Thanks again for taking the time to share

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