Around New Delhi on my toes! – Day 2

“After the first flight and a hurrying day, My second day, shivering in Delhi, takes me to a visual extravaganza that doesn’t happen everyday”

Day 2 @ New Delhi was to be entirely dedicated to Auto Expo 2012, the prime reason which got me to Delhi. I boarded a bus from Okhla to Pragati Maidan and was given a fair glimpse of Delhi traffic finally. After a 5km drive that took more than half an hour, I alighted at Gate 5 of Pragati Maidan which hosted the Auto Expo. You can see my two days of Auto Show experience here!

The show would close by 6pm in the evening and I had sometime before the chilling winds took over. From my deep planning with Delhi map, I had learnt that the India Gate was in the vicinity of Pragati Maidan and I gave no second thought! Enquired directions to few people around there and started to walk the way. After couple of more enquiries, not confusing though, I was approaching with the India gate in my sight at a distance. Almost 15 minutes of brisk walk from Pragati Maidan, well, it definitely would have taken longer if I had opted for any other mode of transport.

Sometimes you get too lucky on the first visit itself, that had happened to me when I visited the world famous Jumbo Savari, now it was to happen again on my first ever visit to India Gate. As a part of the Auto Expo, the German auto major, Volkswagen had arranged a 3D sound & light show on the India Gate, a first of its kinds. I couldn’t stop thanking my stars as I walked closer to the historical monument shining in vibrant colors. This was turning out to be one of the most pleasant surprises. I positioned myself at a convenient place from where I could watch the display and also get a decent footage, but at some distance more than required. The reason being, only delegates were allowed for a closed watch and public seats were at a considerable distance, at least for my camera. I could only crib and turn my camera on!

The India Gate - Welcome to India

The show was a 10 minute long light & sound display emphasizing on cleaner India by explaining the adverse effects of spitting, littering, scribbling and polluting around the national monuments. It mainly focused on Saving the National Monuments. They would repeat the Hindi & English versions once in every 15 minutes. It was more lively and well-created by the arrangers and I got a fair enough footage and just then somebody said this was the last show for the day. I was not happy with myself at all. I was visibly cribbing for walking slower all the way from Pragati Maidan and having missed this opportunity. I walked back, disappointed.

But, wait, there’s somebody screaming, as I turned I saw people moving closer to the India Gate. They had opened the gates for public too! For a closer look! Whoa!! I rushed, hoping to get a better click of the monument this time and then this happened, they started playing the show again! I was exuberant! Delighted! Almost jumped in the air did a punch!  It’s happening!! I found the speakers kept at a better height and almost in front of the towering structure. Could not find a better place for sure! Mounted my camera and I enjoyed the show! They played it at least 5 times before I left in quantum of satisfaction. Well, the trip of many firsts just got better! Here’s what I got!

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