Ich habe einen kater!

The exile is over and I am here again, beaming with pride after a stupendous trip! Yes, after the summer month of April passed away without a single trip, all dull and laid back, I could not have expected for a better compensation to come my way. Today as I write this, I am suffering from a mild ‘Kater’ of this biggg journey! ‘Kater’? The German word for Hangover! and why German? Cuz, I have carried this hangover all the way from the Deutschland! Enough prologues! All this write-up was to show off the excitement of my first ever foreign trip, to the beautiful country where river Rhine and Neckar flows, to the country guarded by Alps, to the country of Goethe, Hitler and Einstein, to the country of Oktoberfest and Vineyards, to the country of innovations and revolutions, to the country that’s called as Deutschland by its lovers, to the country that’s known to the world as GERMANY! And courtesy: My employer!

I was privileged or rather blessed to be working at my current workplace, cuz I cannot even think of another job that would smother my wander lust to this extent! Second trip in 5 months! And of course, who wouldn’t love paid holidays! 😉 Jokes apart, the only sense that crosses my mind now is to scream a real loud thank you to my employer! I am overwhelmed! Keep sending me on such trips! 🙂


So what follows that thought of gratitude is the cruel idea of bugging you all with my travel story! I plead for an anticipatory bail before making the move! Though Germany will remain the first foreign country I ever visited, my travel was made more special by the momentary stop at the most exotic of the Arab countries, Dubai, on my flight from Bangalore. Luck struck again when the Emirates flight personnel at Bangalore handed over the boarding pass to me saying, ‘Sir, you have been upgraded to business class! Have a safe flight’! Yep, it has happened all over again! My ass has almost fainted knowing its luck! 🙂

Now I am bound to relive the German saga until my next trip! What better place than my WordPress blog? So it begins, from Bangalore to Dubai, Dubai to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Stuttgart, followed with a whirlwind travel around Ludwigsburg and Waldenburg, some clubbing & German beer thrown in and lip-smacking German food as topping! To top it all, a never before company of 7 different nationals! So, shall I begin??? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ich habe einen kater!

  1. Jane says:

    begin for sure…can’t wait for more of your stories. i’ve been away from most blogging lately,but always look forward to your posts!!

  2. sudheendhar says:

    Kater habe ich auch gehabt, und zwar, einen großen! That translates to say that the hangover has never gotten off me for the last 5 years since I first visited this beautiful place of Stuttgart! Your account gets me into that nostalgic memories, when I was a baby all over again, feeding my senses with everything new… Well put across… Wish you a great going…

    • TheBurntMap says:

      Danke, Sudheendhar! 🙂
      I am glad it brought back some pleasant memories to u! Will be posting the blog n pics soon! :)Thanks for dropping in!
      Happy travelling!

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