Let me go get you the Kohinoor!

The sabbatical has been extended even farther than I expected and while it happened, wooosh, there goes the year 2012 whizzing past like it had left the cake in oven! The year that went past was probably the most eventful year in my life so far. I have had few of the biggest and most beautiful moments when it comes to my personal life and speak about travel, I am confused where to start!

It all began with my first ever air travel that came in as a New Year surprise and what followed was thousands of kilometres together on air, road & foot! There was the enchanting Delhi that I visited as part of the Auto Expo and some amazing trips to the lesser known temples around Bangalore. The travel took a leap by bounds when I was on the flight to Frankfurt as part of a business visit. 10 days in the Deutschland and a short lay over at Dubai International Airport, the duty-free haven! Followed by treks on Western Ghats and those numerous drives all around South India. The biggest personal fete that stands out is definitely the trek to Dudhsagar and would certainly be the best of 2012. As a perfect curtain to the year came the 1000km drive across three South Indian states and when I paused to take a breath, My bucket list for 2012 was mostly stroked over!

Came 2013 with a bang and as the three hands on the clock dial joined in unison to greet New Year, I was still driving with my friends! A new year drive across the villages around Bangalore in midnight! Yes, when you have such a company, you are spoilt by choice!

Since starting this blog last year, I have maintained that daily life should be about choice, freedom and adventure; it should be lived with the same enthusiasm and intrepid spirit as a holiday. This is a hard thing to do. And while I think I’ve had some great successes, I also think that sustaining that mindset will be a lifelong goal. And, as life becomes more complicated with careers and responsibilities, I find myself constantly reminded that now is the time; we need to do it now before we get side-tracked or are, for some reason, unable! So, to keep myself invigorated (and you vicariously through me), I’m off to travel again. But this time it was more of a destiny’s call than my choice!


As I write this, 2013 is 1 month & 3 days old and I am flying in a Boeing777 of Emirates Airlines somewhere up on the air route to Birmingham from Dubai. Yes, I am flying to the United Kingdom for good and would be living here for some time to come, at least for 2013!  Make some new friends, learn some new culture, taste some amazing food, experience Britain the best possible way is my wishlist! Of course, there are many travel stories and pictures from 2012 that are yet to make it here but at the same time there is also one big bucket list that is being edited in the background for 2013 and when it soon makes its appearance I hope you would be all set to join me in my English Summer! Keep your loves coming in and if you have ever heard or known about one amazing destination in the UK then I would love to hear it from you!

and if any of you reading this would want to tag along with me on English travel, you are more than welcome! 🙂 inbox me 😉

Happy & Trippy 2013!

Cheers mate!

3 thoughts on “Let me go get you the Kohinoor!

  1. hithazn says:

    A lil late to read this post.. better late than never..!! Thank you soo much for being such an amazing organiser.. 2012 was one of d most eventful years of my life too.. We sure are gonna miss u.!!

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