The belated prologue

It is yet another February 2nd and 730 days have gone since I last published a post on this blog. Seven hundred and thirty days is a long time for someone to be away from their blog and I clearly am guilty. A lot has happened over these two years but nothing documented here. I have moved from the UK, where I was when I last published, lived in Germany later, roamed through most of western Europe and now have anchored back in Bangalore since a year. A fair amount of kilometers have been flown and driven over these two years and I still did not write about them. A great deal of stories have taken place, the friends pack has increased by folds across the globe and emotions have gone like a sinusoidal wave on a physics graph from extreme joy to agonizing pain and I am yet to make an attempt to publish them here. An assortment of people, places and festivals have gone leaving a lasting impact on me and yet I haven’t written. To condense it all, I ran with bulls unscathed in Spain during last summer but fell of my motorbike in the backyard and broke my jaw this year, that is how extreme these two years have been. It has put me through everything, from the extremely unknown adventure of far away land to the accidents of familiar backyards, but still I have been inactive here.


It is not that I did not write at all, there are quite a few drafts sitting unpublished, gigabytes of photographs lying unprocessed and now when life has literally taken me to the heights and dropped me down, I lay musing on the memories over my fractured jaw and broken teeth. In the last few months, so many partially-forgotten tales have marched from the corners of my memory like the ghosts of injured soldiers – details amputated, names lost, timelines broken. Writing about them helps me make sense of it all. Unless I exorcise this misadventure, it will haunt me forever. And hence, I have decided to put them all into words here. I am not sure to what extent would I remember but I am going to give it the best try. This is the second journey that I am going to take through those places that marveled me over the last two years. I welcome you to the walk through those memory lanes; Let’s go an adventure!

4 thoughts on “The belated prologue

      • polomim says:

        The Kind of pictures you take and with so much of traveling , I was wondering why would some one not Blog at all..(Oops I did see ur Wandering Soul albums on FB)
        Like I said good to see you back and do keep blogging with all those interesting things that comes ur way…its good for readers like us u know!!

        Happy Travels 😉

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