Yorkshire Tales – Along the North Sea!

While I was in the charming city of York on a three day business visit, there was no way I would go back without a trip around the beautiful Yorkshire. I had two full evenings and I already had the places to visit on list, some of the most charming sights on the North Eastern … Continue reading Yorkshire Tales – Along the North Sea!

Irish Cream – Cascading the Coast!

I was up early on the Sunday as I had a big day planned. Slipped in a quick breakfast at the cafe next to the hostel and checked out. By now, I was more or less familiar with the main streets of Belfast, yes, it is that small a city. As I walked through the … Continue reading Irish Cream – Cascading the Coast!

Drivelogue Kerala: Gavi – Changing perceptions!

I was getting restless and irked over every passing minute. It was a kind of tied up feel and every thought over it made my revolutionary views stronger and stronger. I felt as if my fundamental rights were being violated. I was at Kumily, on my second day of the four-day trip to this part … Continue reading Drivelogue Kerala: Gavi – Changing perceptions!