Carnival in Casanova Capital!

Probably when that great soul said, an idealist would turn into a romantic to the faithfulness to what he saw before him at Venice, he himself was sulking into the spell that this wonderful city had cast upon him. Venice, for all the romanticism it has been famous for, is not a bit exaggerated is … Continue reading Carnival in Casanova Capital!

Yorkshire Tales – Along the North Sea!

While I was in the charming city of York on a three day business visit, there was no way I would go back without a trip around the beautiful Yorkshire. I had two full evenings and I already had the places to visit on list, some of the most charming sights on the North Eastern … Continue reading Yorkshire Tales – Along the North Sea!

Irish Cream – Cascading the Coast!

I was up early on the Sunday as I had a big day planned. Slipped in a quick breakfast at the cafe next to the hostel and checked out. By now, I was more or less familiar with the main streets of Belfast, yes, it is that small a city. As I walked through the … Continue reading Irish Cream – Cascading the Coast!

Devon – Legends of the Atlantic coast

The last day in Cornwall began with a full English breakfast in Penzanance. Another drive along the narrow roads of this beautiful county, we were becoming part of the ‘good weather’ hunting crowd flowing to St. Ives. The town was madly crowded on the beautiful sunny day and it took us really a while of … Continue reading Devon – Legends of the Atlantic coast

Cornwall – Seagulls, Seashells on the Seashore!

The youth hostel at Golant near Falmouth is the perfect place if you plan for a stay far away from the hustle. It is located between farms, seeming like middle of nowhere and by the beautiful river Fal that has canoe trips! After a good night’s sleep and hearty breakfast, we started our day 2. … Continue reading Cornwall – Seagulls, Seashells on the Seashore!