Deutsch Connection – II

Silence at midnoon and sunshine at midnight! I alighted at the Ludwigsburg train station around 6.30PM. I had no clue on how big this place is or what it actually had. All that I knew was that the headquarters of my company was located here and I was supposed to be staying at a hotel … Continue reading Deutsch Connection – II

Deutsch Connection – I

Germany - A land known much for its brilliant innovations and gritty leaders! There’s hardly anything being spoken about Germany when it comes to Tourism. Germans are believed to be on the lower end of the friendly meter. Only hard core back packers include Germany in their Euro trip list or may be a town … Continue reading Deutsch Connection – I

Around New Delhi on my toes! – Day 1

"Travel 2012 takes wings! a 3 day visit to the Indian capital as part of the official visit to Auto Expo 2012. Join me as I sneak peak the charismatic capital city, Dhilli in the little time away from my official visit. My first flight ever, first impression of Delhi in the chilling winter, Red fort and Lotus temple"