Drivelogue Kerala: Ramakkalmeedu – The view from the top!

After the eye-opening bus journey to Gavi, we had the second half of the day at our disposal and having been unlucky to get the wildlife safari tickets at Thekkady, we decided to visit the famed view-point of Ramakkalmeedu for the evening which is at about 30kms from Kumily. Ramakkalmeedu translates to hill that has … Continue reading Drivelogue Kerala: Ramakkalmeedu – The view from the top!

Drivelogue Kerala: Theni to Kumily – From the plains to the heights!

Another long weekend was here to spoil me again and as always, I obliged! With four full days and five nights at our disposal, the plan was for a far away destination. Finally after gulping liters of tea and making hours of phone calls it was finally decided that we go on a drive, a … Continue reading Drivelogue Kerala: Theni to Kumily – From the plains to the heights!

Drivelogue Kerala: Gavi – Changing perceptions!

I was getting restless and irked over every passing minute. It was a kind of tied up feel and every thought over it made my revolutionary views stronger and stronger. I felt as if my fundamental rights were being violated. I was at Kumily, on my second day of the four-day trip to this part … Continue reading Drivelogue Kerala: Gavi – Changing perceptions!

Deutsch Connection – IV

Drink, Dine & Dance! The perfect climate means perfect vineyards and more the vineyards, more exquisite the wine! German wine and beer doesn’t need any introduction to the guzzlers! Sold in round Bocksbeutel bottles, mugs and kegs, the German beer is a true celebration. In the land known for its Oktoberfest, beer is no big … Continue reading Deutsch Connection – IV

Deutsch Connection – III

Countless Castles! Two days around the city of Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart makes me feel that this country has more castles per square kilometer than anywhere else I have known. The rustic town of Ludwigsburg itself has close to 5 castles and what’s more, the burg in the name of any city suggests that there is … Continue reading Deutsch Connection – III