Mawlynnong – The warmest village so far!

The road ahead was as dark as anything I had ever seen. It sort of disappeared into nothingness beyond the point where the bike’s headlight could reach. I had not seen a vehicle or house or even a streetlight for over 20 minutes. The decision to continue riding to Mawlynnong on this road from Pongtong, at this late hour, dawned on me!

Irish Cream – Belfast

The city of Belfast is every bit charming as lazy. The rustic architecture from the Victorian era makes it seem like a time travel. My first stop for the day was the Queen’s University, one of the finest architectural sites of Belfast. The city was preparing itself for the annual festival as I walked past. … Continue reading Irish Cream – Belfast

The Midlands & Around – Into the Victorian era!

I needed a kick start to my solo travel across the UK or maybe I needed a kick to start! I decided to do it myself.. After wasting plenty of weekends and bank holidays, as they call government holidays here, I was determined to do something on the second bank holiday of May. But yet … Continue reading The Midlands & Around – Into the Victorian era!