Remembering Joshimath

Houses were stacked on both sides of the main road, above and below, and most of them could be reached only by stairs that were cut into the slopes between buildings. People had to climb up or down the stairs to reach the main street, depending on what side of the main road they lived on. Some houses were so precariously close to the edges and I wondered if they felt vertigo. Some of the houses were too far upon the hill that on a dark night, its dim light could very well be mistaken for a star. I would dread myself if I had to walk such a distance and climb those heights every morning and evening.  Human grit and determination always made me wonder. 

The belated prologue

It is yet another February 2nd and 730 days have gone since I last published a post on this blog. Seven hundred and thirty days is a long time for someone to be away from their blog and I clearly am guilty. A lot has happened over these two years but nothing documented here. I … Continue reading The belated prologue

The truth about travelers!

One day, when we are old with silver hair, freckles, creases, and laugh wrinkles from many years of wandering drenched under sunlight. Our children's children will lay out with us under the stars by a campfire on a moonlit beach elsewhere. We will tell them stories of wild adventures, of lived dreams, of enchanting places, of conquered fears, and a full life lived. Our journeys will inspire their own!

Date A Boy Who Travels – Reblogged from

Toronto based short fiction writer Lena Desmond who is hell-bent on dreaming up a story so big it will rattle the literary world, writes something very interesting on her equally awesome blog! 🙂 Lena, let me know when can I buy you a coffee! 😉  Date A Boy Who Travels Date a boy who travels. Date … Continue reading Date A Boy Who Travels – Reblogged from

Go ahead, take her for granted, face her wrath!

This venting out of frustration was long due, for few years in fact! And if it doesn’t happen now then it may never be needed! Hundreds must have been screaming the same thing what I am writing here and I wish we pay heed to at least one! The North Indian state of Uttarakhand has … Continue reading Go ahead, take her for granted, face her wrath!