Fear of Travel.. It is in your Mindset..!!

cropped-img_0541.jpgWorth a read, for all those who think twice and still give up!

The Lost Lander

Agoraphobia is considered the most incapacitating of anxiety disorders. To be more precise- The fear of travelling ALONE.. It is all in your mindset.. What do you think will happen to you if you go out alone? You will die of a road accident or a plane crash..? A bunch of trouble makers will harm you..? A group of bad men will molest you..?

People… Get a life.!!  You need to just come out of your frame of mind.. Harm can be caused to you anytime. What will you do if the ground beneath your house sunk in.? What would you do if a bunch of people barged into your home with clubs and hoses ? Your trusted neighbor of several years might knock at your door for all wrong reasons one day.. Or what if your best friend / family member is battling for life in a distant place.. Will you still step…

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India is…..

I am humbled to the extreme as I write this post! When my dear friends WhatsApp’ed me about India Is… on a late evening, little did we know about what was waiting ahead! It was just yet another online photography competition that we were going to enroll into and nothing more than that! As their … Continue reading India is…..

Location Change!

How many times have you drooled at a place that was shown in its ultimate glory on the silver screen? Your favorite on-screen couple is running around those lush green landscapes or crystal clear lakes or pristine beaches and all that wonders you is where on earth could be this sort of a place? Being from the … Continue reading Location Change!