KERALA | Location Change!

How many times have you drooled at a place that was shown in its ultimate glory on the silver screen? Your favorite on-screen couple is running around those lush green landscapes or crystal clear lakes or pristine beaches Click here to read more

KERALA | Gavi – Changing perceptions!

I was getting restless and irked over every passing minute. It was a kind of tied up feel and every thought over it made my revolutionary views stronger and stronger. Click here to read more


Every rock, every path and every monument at Hampi has a story to say; the story of glory, richness and beauty of a magnificent kingdom! Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | Belur & Halebeedu

This travelogue is more a photo blog of my visit to one of the architectural wonders, Chennakeshava Temple, Belur. Click here to read more

KERALA | Ramakkalmeedu – The view from the top!

After the eye-opening bus journey to Gavi, we had the second half of the day at our disposal and having been unlucky to get the wildlife safari tickets at Thekkady, we decided to visit the famed view-point of Ramakkalmeedu. Click here to read more

TAMILNADU | Avalanche – In love with lakes!

Over the past couple of years I have been blessed to drive/ ride through some of the most bewitching stretches of Southern India. But this one ride of 30+ kms from Ooty to Avalanche Lake certainly is one of the toppers Click here to read more

Remembering Joshimath

Some houses were so precariously close to the edges and I wondered if they felt vertigo. Some of the houses were too far upon the hill that on a dark night, its dim light could very well be mistaken for a star. Continue reading

GOA | Dudhsagar – A trek to remember!

A milky white river gushing down the mountain with all it’s might while a white roofed passenger train painted in two shades of blue passes by in the foreground; I bet, this sight is like no other on Earth! Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | Silent Sobs of Shettihalli

Ruin of an incredible church that submerges and rises every year taking a dip in the waters of Hemavathy. A marvelous example of Gothic architectural feat that stands strong even after 200 years of existence going underwater Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | The Unsung Nandi

A walk around the jewel that lay at the foothills of Bangalore’s very own hill station – The lesser known Nandi Click here to read more

DELHI | Around New Delhi on my toes! – Day 3

“After savouring Delhi, I taste its cuisine too before embarking on a roller coaster ride to the airport with very high chances of missing the return flight. My third and final day in the charming capital” Click here to read more  

DELHI | Around New Delhi on my toes! – Day 1

Travel 2012 takes wings! a 3 day visit to the Indian capital as part of the official visit to Auto Expo 2012. Join me as I sneak peak the charismatic capital city, Dhilli. Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | Pondering Panchavati

“Summer is here!! Along with Surreal sunsets! These vivid, kaleidoscopic phenomenons inspire various moods. From romance to loneliness, from happiness to solitude, from radiance to subtleness! Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | Wah.. Kanva(h)!

A jolly weekend drive, a tongue tickling lunch and a dreamy sunset. Kanva, thou are blessed Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | Soon to be extinct – TK Falls

A bike ride that was planned to three places and then finally went into a fourth one! Confused roads and enlightment after a sumptuous breakfast. Exploring the nearest waterfall to Namma Bengaluru Click here to read more

KARNATAKA | Coorg Calls!

Resting on top of the Western ghats, amidst ever green jungles, Coorg is a scintillating destination that can make a vacation exotic! Breathe the green air, sip in the coffee and laze to your heart’s content.

KARNATAKA | Aramane Gudda – Splendour over the hills

13kms on a wild-animal prone, water-less trail under scortching sun! A walk on the ridges over a 1000 mtr gorge! Waking up to see pug marks around the camp! Aramane Gudda was a trek of its own thrills! Click here to read more

TAMILNADU | Ooty – The Queen of Nilgiris

Travelogue of one of the most celebrated hill stations of India – Ooty a.k.a. Udhagai, as the natives called it – resting on top of the ever blue Nilgiri hills. Click here to read more